Welcome to the world of Spirituality !
Dharmo Rakshitho Rakshitha !!
Protect Dharma and Dharma will protect you.
In hustle bustle of life, humans are getting more stressed and unable to balance their lives. Their lives are becoming more vicious and trapped in a quagmire that is sinking them into more troubles.

What is the code for a peaceful and successful life?
The answers lie in the Holy Scriptures which were in force much before our cultures are born. The essence of life is embedded in those. Running after wordly desires we tend to ignore them. We feel a great vacuum is formed and becoming wider and bigger. The learned and experts are putting in a massive effort to fill that vacuum.

We the team at BhakthiShakthi.com felt the information about the heritage and tradition of our great Religion can be amassed at one place to help you navigate to lead a happy and peaceful  life. We know it is an ocean to fathom bringing you the information at one place covering various aspects. A small attempt by us to bring you closer to the our Great Indian Heritage left by our Great Ancestors. Hope you will like our effort put in this direction. Bless  and support us to make great work to reckon.

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